Preventive Pest Control

Pest infestation found in your premise at certain levels / floors during the course of the survey conducted.

The presence of pests is responsible for:

  • Annoyance and nuisance
  • Contravention of legislation
  • Diseases
  • Damages
  • Fear
  • Loss of goodwill from customers and staffs

So often only a small investment is needed to prevent all the above mentioned problems. Pest control has come a long way. The extensive use of pesticides by spraying or baiting was considered to be the answer to all pest problems but it has its limitations and created other problems to the environment.

  • The balance use of cultural, biological & chemical procedures
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Innovation & effective treatment methods
  • Economic feasibility
  • Close co-operation between Client and PEST INDIA.

All in all, a systematic Planned Pest Control Program is needed.

In addition, it is important that this program to be incorporate with a high standard of housekeeping. With this combination and co-operation, we strongly believe the cockroaches’ infestation can be brought under control to a tolerable level.


housekeepingHousekeeping is important to prevent or avoid pest infestation from happen. This method can provide a good result in term of pest controlling and safe to human and environment because no chemical component are involve.Good housekeeping and sanitation will help you to maintain your premise by reduce the pest activities from expanded. Here we would like to share with you some of the steps that can help you to reduce the pest problem at your premise.

  1. Make sure all holes and cracks especially on the wall are seal to prevent pest from harborage and use it as an entry point.
  2. Make sure there is no food debris inside the building and also outside, along the perimeter of the building and especially in the drawers. This may become an attraction factor to the pest to harbor.
  3. Make sure all rubbish bins are covered and rubbish must be dispose frequently – daily if possible and to ensure no food leftover in the office. Main rubbish disposal bin must be place far from the building and not near to the entrance.
  4. Make sure all drainage system are not block and can flow smoothly to prevent from become a breeding site for the pest likes mosquitoes, rats, cockroaches etc.
  5. Make sure all foods are keep inside an air tide container and do not use carton boxes that may allow the pest to harborage.
  6. Make sure the surrounding of your building are always clean to prevent pest from migrating to your premise from others premises/neighborhoods.
  7. Make sure there is no water leakage inside the premise that can become a water source for the pest.

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