Frequently Asked Questions

The PEST INDIA pledge is in the provision of the finest supervised service, giving our clients, their customers and staff, safe, effective protection for their living and working environments and their reputation.

Pests are living things, which are detrimental to the existing of man/woman

They are pests because they and their presence are responsible for:
● Annoyance
● Contravention of legislations
● Damage
● Diseases
● Fear
● Loss of goodwill

All human habitats are vulnerable to the dangers posed simply because the ingredients necessary for their survival – shelter, warmth, food and water, are readily available
Experience has shown that the main reasons for pest infestation are:
● Improper sanitation or housekeeping practices
● Detective engineering or architectural designs
● Careless urban construction activities

Fortunately, many simple measures can be easily taken by you, your own management and staff. Several practical precautions, which can prevent pest infestation. Just remember Prevention, Exclusions, Sanitation and Treatment

Frequently, expert’s help and advice are needed. PEST INDIA, being the pest control specialists for more than 6 years, has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience to help solve your problems.

Of course, you expect us to say “NO”. But seriously, how do you price-tag professional service? Perhaps the measure has to be the benefits you derive. So often only a small investment is needed to prevent damage, secure peace of mind and keep your customers and staffs happy. It is also a positive way to ensure that your business achieves high hygiene standards – and stays on the right side of the law.

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