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We at PEST INDIA portray professional and eco-friendly Pest Controlling Company located in Bangalore.

With several years of experience in the world market of Pest Control, we have several satisfied MNCs will vouch for the quality of our work. Our equipment and technology are among the latest and the best, and conform to International standards of both quality and safety.

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PEST INDIA Planned Pest Control Programme

Our programmed actually emphasizes on Preventive Pest Control where the concept of preventive measures are of the utmost importance.
The program can actually be summarized in the acronym, P. E. S. T.


Prevention of infestation through good housekeeping.
Objective:Deny pests of harborage should they gain entry into the premises.


Exclusion of pests through effective proofing measures.
Objective:Restricting the entry of pests into the premises.


Sanitation calls for high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.
Objective:Elimination of food and breeding areas available to pests.


Treatment of pest’s infestation by your professional pest control experts.
Objective:Treatment to curb infestations effectively & speedily within the Reasonable constraints of safety

What we do?

Location Treatment and Scope Of work Frequency
Interior Trapping for Rats
◉Glue tray
◉Gum pad
Monthly once
Interior Gel & Herbal Spray Application for Mosquitos and Roaches Monthly once

Pests To Manage



Bed Bugs


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